Tổng hợp các bài tập tự luận về các thì trong tiếng Anh

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Mỗi khi học xong một phần ngữ pháp nào đó ta lại làm bài tập để trau dồi và củng cố phần ngữ pháp đó . Những bài tập để luyện ngoài giúp chúng ta trao dồi kiến thức còn giúp chúng ta ôn thi rất hiệu quả. Trong bài viết này, Bhiu.edu.vn sẽ tổng hợp các bài tập tự luận về các thì trong tiếng Anh nhằm giúp bạn có 1 kì thi tốt!

bài tập tự luận về các thì trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập

Bài tập 1: Use the correct tense of the verbs in brackets to complete the following  passage.

a . Albert Maltz was a progressive American writer. He …… (be) born in 1908. He ….. (write) his first play “Peace on Earth” in 1943. It …… (be) against wars, so the American police ….. (arrest) him and ….. (put) him in prison in 1950.

b. Ha ….. (come) back a moment ago and ….. (turn) the television on very loudly. My son ….. (sleep) then , so I …… (tell) her to turn it off.

c. Last sunday was a holiday. I ….. (not have) to go to classes. I ….. (sleep) a little later than usual. Around ten, my friend Larry …… (come) over to my apartment. We ….. (pack) a picnic basket and then ….. (take) the bus to Forest Park. We ….. (spend) most of the day there.

Bài tập 2.

Mariah and Jeniel are neighbors. They ….. (know) each other for several years. Mary ….. (move) into her house in 1985, and John ….. (live) next door since he …… (come) to the area in 1980.

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Bài tập 3.

Dennis Heal is a politician. He ….. (go) to Oxford University in 1950 and ….. (become) a member of Parliament for the Labor Party in 1957. He ….. (be) an MP since then. He ….. (write) three story books including his autobiography. He is married to the artist, Adna Heal , they …… (have) two children. They ….. (live) in Oxford for 15 years, then …… (move) to London in 1970. They now ….. (live) in Cadogan Square in central London.

Bài tập 4.

Paul Carrack is a musician and a singer. He ….. (be) in the music business for over 20 years. He ….. (start) playing professionally while he ….. (be) at school. He ….. (travel) all over the world. He ….. (have) his first hit record in 1974. So far he ….. (make) a lot of records. Young people in America and Britain …… (know) his name and they never ….. (forget) his number one song “ The Living Years”.

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Bài tập 5.

Dear Jinie,

Here I am in New York! I ….. (be)  here for 2 weeks now and it ….. (be) very interesting. My friend, Nancy who I ….. (meet) in London in 1982 …… (live) in New York for 3 years, so she ….. (know) all about it. Yesterday we ….. (go) to China town and ….. (eat) hot dog there. We ….. (visit) the Statue of Liberty this Sunday.

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Bài tập 6.

a.While I ….. (walk) to class yesterday morning, I ….. (see) Abdullah. We ….. (say) hello and ….. (walk) the rest of the way to school together.

b. When you ….. (hear) a knock at the door last night, you ….. (walk) to the door and ….. (open) it. When you ….. (open) the door, you….. (see) my brother. you….. (greet) him and ….. (ask) him to come in.

c.Your cousin and you….. (watch) a movie on TV last night when your brother ….. (come). He …. (watch) the end of the movie with us.

d. Mrs Reed ….. (turn) on the radio in her car while she ….. (drive) home yesterday. She ….. (listen) to some music when she suddenly ….. (hear) a siren. She ….. (look) in her  mirror and ….. (see) an ambulance behind her. She immediately….. (pull) her car to side of the road and ….. (wait) for ambulance to pass.

các bài tập tự luận về các thì trong tiếng Anh

e. My mother called me around five o’clock. My husband came home a litte after that. When he ….. (come) home, I ….. (talk) to my mother on the phone.

f. Yesterday afternoon I….. (go) to visit the Parker family. When I ….. (get) there around two o’clock, Mrs. Parker ….. (be) in the yard. She ….. (plant) flowers in her garden. Mr. Parker ….. (be) in the garage. He ….. (work) on their car. The children ….. (play) in the front yard.

Bài tập 7.

a.Jack moved to Hong Kong after he graduated from the university . Jack ….. (be) in Hon Kong since he ….. (graduate).

b.Jack ….. (break) his leg five days ago. He’s in hospital. He ….. (be) in the hospital since he ….. (break) his leg.

c. …… Mary ….. (feed) the cat?- Yes , she ….. (feed)  him before lunch.

What …..she….. (give) him?- she ….. (give) him some fish.

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Bài tập 8.

Dinosaurs lived on Earth for 175 million years. During this time, species of dinosaurs ….. (evolve) and becoming extinct. Sixty-five million years ago the remaining dinosaurs …..(die out).

Some scientists ….. (think) that a cooling of the climate caused this extinction. Others believe that the replacement of one type of plant with another type ….. (contribute) to the dinosaurs’ decline.

Now, however, evidence ….. (suggest) a large meteorite hit the Earth and …… (kill) not only all the dinosaurs, but also many other animals. Species of plant became extinct as well. After the Earth’s collision with the meteorite, large clouds of dust would have been thrown into the air. Many animals may not have been able to breathe or adapt to this change in climate, and they ….. (die)  as a result.

Bài tập 9.

Ted Holt arrived at the station at five past seven to catch the train.  “Please ….. (wait) for me,” he shouted and jumped on the train. But the train ….. (not move) “ I wonder why the train ….. (not leave) yet.” He said to the man next to him. “It always ….. (leave) at seven twenty,” the man ….. (reply) Ted suddenly ….. (realize) he ….. (be) on the wrong train! “ The train to Plimpton …..  (already go)” The man told him.

Bài tập 10.

a. Yesterday I ….. (go) to my daughter’s dance recital. I ….. (be/never) to a dance recital before. I ….. (not take) dancing lessons when I was a child.

b. In the evenings  I ….. (often play) chess with my next door neighbour. I ….. (play) chess with him ever since I ….. (come) to live here ten years ago. He ….. (be) here all his life. He ….. (inherit) the house from his father, another great chess player.

c . When I ….. (open) the door I saw a man on his knees. He clearly ….. (listen) to our conversation and I ….. (wonder) how much he ….. (hear). When I ….. (ask) him what he ….. (do), he said that he ….. (drop) a 50 piece outside the door and ….. (lock) for it.

Bài tập 11.

Mary ….. (have) to go to New York last week, but she almost …. (miss) the plane. She ….. (stand) in the queue at the check-in desk when she suddenly ….. (realize) that she ….. (leave) her passport at home. Fortunately, she ….. (not live) very far from the airport so she ….. (have) time to go home to get the passport.She ….. (get) back to the airport just  in time for her flight.

Bài tập 12.

Diana ….. (start) work as a sales assistant in a department store. Today she ….. (own) a fashionable shoe shop called ‘Put it On’. The shoes ….. (sell) at a very high price but customers continue to pour into the shop. Most of her customers ….. (not like) mass-produced local shoes.

Diana ….. (travel) aboard to buy well-made shoes of different designs. In fact she ….. (go) on buying every now and then. Next week Diana ….. (go) to Europe to look at the latest designs.

Now that her shop ….. (do) well, Diana ….. (plan) to open branches of her shop in other parts of the country. After that she ….. (decide) whether to extend her business to other countries in the region.

Bài tập 13.

It …… (happen) two years ago when I …..(ski) in Austria. It was a horrible day because it ….. (snow) and I ….. (can’t see) anything. I ….. (not want) to ski but my friend said, “Come on. This is our last day. We must go.” So I went. I ….. (not ski)in conditions like that before so when my friends ….. (decide) to go right up to the top of the mountain, I ….. (not join) them. After about half an hour by myself , I ….. (stop) because I was cold and wet. I ….. (get) into the cable car to go down to the village and my wonderful warm hotel when I ….. 

(slip) on some ice. I ….. (fall) , and my skis ….. (fall) on top of me. I ….. (hear) a terrible noise and knew something bad ….. (happen) .My leg was broken. What a way of ending a holiday!

các bài tập tự luận về các thì trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập 14.

a.Yesterday afternoon Sarah  ….. (go) to the station to meet Paul. When she ….. (get) there, Paul ….. (already/ wait) for her. His train ….. (arrive) early.

b. When I got home, Bill ….. (lie) on the sofa. The television was on, but he ….. (not / watch) it. He ….. (fall) asleep and ….. (snore) loudly. I ….. (turn) the television off and just then he ….. (wake) up.

c.Last night I ….. (just/ go) to bed and ….. (read) a book when suddenly I …..
(hear)  a noise. I ….. (get) up to see what it was, but I …. (not /see) anything, so I ….. (go) back to bed.

d.Lisa had to go to New York last week, but she almost ….. (miss) the plane. She ….. (stand) in the queue at the check-in desk when she suddenly ….. (realise) that she ….. (leave) her  passport at home. Fortunately she lives near the airport , so she ….. (have) time to take a taxi home to get it. She ….. (get) back to the airport just in time for her flight.

e.I  ….. (meet) Peter and Lucy yesterday as I ….. (walk) through the park. They ….. (be) to the Sports Center where they ….. (play) tennis. They …..(go) to a café and ….. (invite) me to join them, but I ….. (arrange) to meet another friend and ….. (not/have) time.

Trên đây là những bài tập tự luận về các thì trong tiếng Anh mà bhiu đã tổng hợp, mong rằng nó sẽ giúp ích cho bạn trong quá trong học môn ngoại ngữ này. Hy vọng những chia sẻ này sẽ góp phần làm cho thành tích học tập của bạn trở nên như ý hơn! Bạn hãy ghé thăm  Học ngữ pháp tiếng Anh  để có thêm kiến thức mỗi ngày .

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