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Bài tập về câu bị động lớp 8
Bài tập về câu bị động lớp 8

Bài tập về câu bị động lớp 8

I. Chuyển các câu sau sang bị động

1. People grow rice in many countries in the world.

-> Rice ______________________________________

2. Graham Bell invented the telephone many years ago.

-> The telephone ______________________________

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3. We have used this car for many years.

-> This car ___________________________________

4. Laura practices English every day.

-> English ____________________________________

5. We will take the garbage out of the city.

-> The garbage _____________________________

6. Mary sent me this letter three days ago.

-> I _________________________________________

7. People make compost from vegetables.

-> Compost ____________________________________

8. You must finish this work before Saturday.

-> This work _____________________________________

9. He hasn’t used this bicycle for a long time.

-> This bicycle __________________________________

10. I saw a strange man in my garden yesterday.

-> A strange man _______________________________

11. They clean the floor every morning.

-> The floor ____________________________________

12. We will solve the problem soon.

-> The problem __________________________________

13. They break the glass into small pieces.

-> The glass ____________________________________

15. They made these cars in Japan.

-> These cars ______________________________________

16. People have used the Internet all over the world.

-> The Internet ___________________________

17. They planted many trees in the school garden.

-> Many trees _________________________________

18. Someone has taken my book away.

-> My book ___________________________________

19. She didn’t help me with my homework.

-> I ___________________________________________

20. We have learnt English for two years.

-> English ______________________________________

21. My brother often reads books before bedtime .

-> Books _____________________________________

22. Emma bought some comic books for her brother .

-> Some comic books______________________________________

23. My sister received a letter yesterday .

-> A letter ______________________________________

24. She can solve the problem in just 3 minutes .

-> The problem ______________________________________

25. Nowadays people use electricity for lighting.

-> Electricity ______________________________________

II. Sử dụng các từ gợi ý để tạo thành câu bị động hoàn chỉnh.

1. This car / make / Japan / five years ago.


2. The rice / separate / the husk .


3. The next meeting / will / hold / Los Angeles / next month.


4. This room / not / use / for years.


5. The answers / must / write / the blackboard.


6. Kieu Story / write / Nguyen Du.


7. Our teeth/ should / clean / everyday.


8. Three languages / speak / Malaysia / nowadays.


9. Rice / eat / by Vietnamese people / everyday.


10. This building / build / by German people / many years ago.


III. Chọn câu trả lời đúng

1. They can’t go along here because the road___________

A. is repairing

B. is repaired

C. is being repaired

D. repairs

2. The story I’ve just read___________Agatha Christie

A. was written

B. was written by

C. was written from

D. wrote by

3. I’m going to go out and___________

A. have cut my hair

B. have my hair cut

C. cut my hair

D. my hair be cut

4. Something funny___________in class yesterday

A. happened

B. was happened

C. happens

D. is happened

5. Many US automobiles___________in Detroit, Michigan

A. manufacture

B. have manufactured

C. are manufactured

D.are manufacturing

6. A lot of pesticide residue can___________unwashed produce

A. find

B. found

C. be finding

D. be found

7. They___________by a loud noise during the night

A. woke up

B. are woken up

C. were woken up

D. were waking up

8. Some film stars___________difficult to work with

A. are said be

B. are said to be

C. say to be

D. said to be

9. Why did Max keep making jokes about me?

– I don’t enjoy___________at

A. be laughed

B. to be laughed

C. laughing

D.being laughed

10. Today, many serious childhood diseases___________by early immunization

A. are preventing

B. can prevent

C. prevent

D. can be prevented

11. Do you get your heating___________every year?

A. checking

B. check

C. be checked

D. checked

12. Bicycles___________in the driveway

A. must not leave

B. must not be leaving

C. must not be left

D. must not have left

13. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony___________next weekend

A. is going to be performed

B. has been performed

C. will be performing

D. will have perform

14. All bottles___________before transportation

A. frozen

B. were froze

C. were frozen

D. are froze

15. ___________yet?

A. Have the letters been typed

B. Have been the letters typed

C. Have the letters typed

D. Had the letters typed

16. English has become a second language in countries like India, Singapore or Nigeria where___________for administration, broadcasting and education

A. is used

B. it is used

C. used

D. being used

17. The telephones___________by Alexander Graham Bell

A. is invented

B. is inventing

C. invented

D. was invented

18. Lots of houses___________by the earthquake

A. are destroying

B. destroyed

C. were destroyed

D. is destroyed

19. Gold___________n California in the 19th century

A. was discovered

B. has been discovered

C. was discover

D. they discover

20. The preparation___________by the time the guest___________

A. had been finished- arrived

B. have finished- arrived

C. had finished-were arriving

D. have been finished- were arrived

21. The girl___________by the teacher yesterday.

A. punish

B. punished

C. punishing

D. was punished

22. “Ms Hoa, please type those letters before noon”_ “They’ve already___________, sir. They’re on your desk.”

A. typed

B. been being typed

C. being typed

D. been typed

23. Emma is wearing a blouse. It___________ of cotton.

A. be made

B. are made

C. is made

D. made

24. They had a girl ___________ that yesterday.

A. done

B. to do

C. did

D. do

25. We got our mail ___________yesterday.

A. been delivered

B. delivered

C. delivering

D. to deliver

26. John___________the news as soon as possible.

A. should tell

B. should be told

C. should told

D. should be telled

27. My wedding ring ___________yellow and white gold.

A. is made

B. is making

C. made

D. make

28. Henry is___________ as Max to his friend.

A. known

B. knew

C. is known

D. know

29. References___________in the examination room.

A. not are used

B. is not used

C. didn’t used

D. are not used

30. Jessica ___________in Boston.

A. are born

B. were born

C. was born

D. born

IV. Viết lại câu

1. An old woman feeds the pigeons.

The pigeons_________________

2. A burglar broke the window.

The window _________________

3. Someone has made a mistake.

A mistake_________________

4. Everyone is going to love him.

He _________________

5. Margaret Mitchell wrote ‘Gone with the Wind‘.

Gone with the Wind‘ ___________________

6. She is helping my brother.

My brother ___________________

7. David will drive the bus.

The bus___________________

8. I was watering the plants.

The plants ___________________

V. Chọn câu trả lời đúng 

1. Somebody cleans the room every day.

The room ___________________

2. They canceled all flights because of storm.

All flights___________________

3. People don’t use this road very often.

This road ___________________

4. Somebody accused me of stealing money.

I ___________________

5. How do people learn languages?

How ___________________

6. People warned us not to go out alone.

We ___________________

7. Somebody is using the computer at the moment.

The computer ___________________

8. I didn’t realize that somebody was recording our conversation.

I didn’t ___________________

9. We found that they had canceled the game.

We found  ___________________

10. We are building a new highway around the city.

A new highway  ___________________

VI. Đặt các câu đơn giản ở hiện tại chủ động này thành câu bị động. Không cần phải lặp lại ‘somebody’.

1) Somebody sends emails.

2) Somebody cuts the grass.

3) Somebody prefers chocolate.

4) Somebody often steals cars.

5) Somebody plays loud music.

6) Somebody speaks Vietnamese here.

7) Somebody loves Paris parks.

8) Somebody wants staff.

9) Somebody writes articles.

10) Somebody loves Sue.

11) Somebody reads a lot of books.

12) Somebody cooks dinner every day.

13) Somebody delivers milk in the mornings.

14) Somebody buys flowers for the flat.

15) Somebody washes the cars every week.

16) Somebody writes a report every Saturday.

17) Somebody fixes the roads.

18) Somebody builds new houses every year.

19) Somebody sells vegetables in the market.

20) Somebody cleans the office every day.

VII. Câu chủ động, câu bị động

1. He drinks a cup of milk tea in The Coffee House.

2. Henry was writing two English emails.

3. He often takes his dog to the park near his house.

4. People speak English all over the world.

5. A group of students have met their classmates at the train station.

6. They didn’t allow Anna to take these comics home.

7. The teacher won’t correct the exercises tomorrow.

8. How many trees did they cut down?

9. This well-known library attracts many teenagers.

10. My mother used to make us sweep the house.

11. She likes people to call her “Sir”.

12. They are going to have someone repaint their house.

13. People say that David is intelligent.

14. She can’t repair my car.

15. Emma has studied English for 2 hour.

VIII. Chuyển câu sang dạng bị động

1. The Chinese discovered acupuncture thousands of years ago.

2. Has she given you back the book yet?

3. The police locked up the criminals.

4. We must have left the keys behind.

5. The robbers made up the story.

6. The girl is eating the cake.

7. Mom promised me a box of chocolates.

8. The spider scared him.

9. The guide will show us the Natural History Museum in the afternoon.

10. The dentist is cleaning the woman’s teeth.

IX. Chuyển câu sang dạng bị động

1. One of the cleaners has found my purse.

2. The robber hit her on the head with a hammer.

3. The government has built a new road in this area.

4. The assistant handed me a note.

5. We elected Max class representative.

6. Someone has taken my wallet.

7. Many people use bicycles as a means of transport.

8. They advised me to get a visa.

9. We were rebuilding the old road when I drove by.

10. The local council opened a new shopping center


I. Chuyển các câu sau sang bị động

1 – Rice was grown in many countries in the world.

2 – The telephone was invented Graham Bell many years ago.

3 – This car has been used for many years.

4 – English is practiced by Laura every day.

5 – The garbage will be taken out of the city.

6 – I was sent this letter by Mary three days ago.

7 – Compost was made from vegetables

8 – This word must be finished before Saturday.

9 – This bicycle hasn’t been used for a long time.

10 – A strange man was seen in my garden yesterday.

11 – The floor is cleant every morning.

12 – The problem will be solved soon.

13 – The glass was broken into small pieces.

15 – These cars were made in the Japan

16 – The Internet has been used all over the world.

17 – Many trees were planted in the school garden.

18 – My book has been taken away.

19 – I wasn’t helped with my homework by her.

20 – English has been learnt for two years.

21 – Books are often read by my father before bedtime.

22 – Some comic books were bought for her brother by Emma.

23 – A letter was received by my sister yesterday

24 – The problem can be solved in just 3 minutes.

25 – Electricity is used for lightning nowadays.

II. Sử dụng các từ gợi ý để tạo thành câu bị động hoàn chỉnh

1 – This car was made in Japan five years ago.

2 – The rice was separated into the husk.

3 – The next meeting will be held in Los Angeles next month.

4 – This room hasn’t been used for years.

5 – The answers must be written on the blackboard.

6 – Kieu story was written by Nguyen Du.

7 – Our teeth should be cleaned every day.

8 – Three languages are spoken in Malaysia nowadays.

9 – Rice is eaten by Vietnamese people nowadays.

10 – This building was built by German people many years ago.

III. Choose the correct answer.

1. C; 2. B; 3. B; 4. B; 5. C

6. D; 7. C; 8. B; 9. D; 10. D

11. D; 12. C; 13. A; 14. B; 15. A

16. B; 17. D; 18. C; 19. A; 20. A

21. D; 22. D; 23. C; 24. A; 25. B

26. B; 27. A; 28. A; 29. D; 30. C

IV. Viết lại câu

1 – The pigeons are fed by an old woman.

2 – The window was broken by a burglar.

3 – A mistake has been made.

4 He is going to be loved.

5 – ‘Gone with the Wind’ was written by Margaret Mitchell.

6 – My brother is being helped.

7 – The bus will be driven by David.

8 – The plants were being watered.

V. Chọn câu trả lời đúng

1 – The room is cleaned every day.

2 – All flights were canceled because of fog.

3 – This road is not used very often.

4 – I was accused of stealing money by somebody

5 – How are languages learned?

6 – We were warned not to go out alone.

7 – The computer is being used at the moment.

8 – I didn’t realize that our conversation was being recorded.

9 – We found that the fame had been canceled.

10 – A new highway is being built around the city.

VI.Đặt các câu đơn giản ở hiện tại chủ động này thành câu bị động. Không cần phải lặp lại ‘Somebody’.

1 – Emails are sent.

2 – The grass is cut

3 – Chocolate is preferred.

4 – Cars are often stolen

5 – Loud music is played

6 – Vietnamese is spoken here

7 – The Paris parks are loved

8 –  Staff are wanted

9 –  Articles are written

10 – Sue is loved

11 – A lot of books are read

12 –  Dinner is cooked every day

13 – Milk is delivered in the mornings

14 – Flowers are bought for the flat

15 – The cars are washed every week

16 –  A report is written every Saturday

17 – The roads are fixed

18 – New houses are built every year

19 – Vegetables are sold in the market

20 –  The office is cleaned every day

VII. Câu chủ động, câu bị động 

  1. A cup of milk tea is drunk in The coffee house.
  2. Two English emails were being written by Henry.
  3. His dog is taken to the park near his house.
  4. English is spoken all over the world.
  5. Their classmates have been met at the train station.
  6. Anna wasn’t allowed to take these comics home.
  7. Exercises won’t be corrected by the teacher tomorrow?
  8. How many trees were cut down?
  9. Many teenagers are attracted by this well-known library.
  10. We used to be made to sweep the house by my mother.
  11. She likes to be called “Sir”.
  12. They are going to have their house repainted.
  13. David is said to be intelligent.
  14. My car can’t be repaired.
  15. English has been studied for 2 hour by Emma.

VIII. Chuyển câu sang dạng bị đôngk

1 – Acupuncture was discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago.

2 – Has the book been given back to you yet?

3 – The criminals were locked up by the police.

4 – The keys must have been left behind.

5 – The story was made up by the robbers.

6 – The cake is being eaten by the girl 

7 – I was promised a box of chocolates by Mom

8 – He was scared by the spider.

9 – We will be shown the Natural History Museum by the guide in the afternoon

The Natural History Museum will be shown to us in the afternoon.

10 – The woman’s teeth are being cleaned by the dentist.

IX. Chuyển câu sang dạng bị động

1. My purse has been found by one of the cleaners.

2.She was hit on the head with a hammer (by the robber).

3. A new road has been built in this area (by the government).

4. I was handed a note (by the assistant).

5. Max was elected class representative.

6. My wallet has been taken.

7. Bicycles are (often, widely) used as a means of transport.

8. I was advised to get a visa.

9. The old road was being rebuilt when I drove by.

10. A new shopping center was opened by the local council.

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